CNC Forming

Speciallaser Tech. Inc. has recently acquired a high-end forming machine to better serve it's customers. The Trumpf TruBend 5130 is an innovative machine constructed with Trumpf precision.

Using the latest technology in drives, the 5000 series reduces cycle times by up to 30%. As well, using 4-cylinder technology, it doubles the accuracy through uniform distribution of pressure over the entire length of the ram. It has a bending scope of up to 1160mm joint length, enduring a maximum spectrum of parts and a press force of 500 kN to 3200 kN.

The Trumpf TruBend has been a great addition to Speciallaser Tech's fleet of equipment, bringing a new level of quality and efficiency. Combined with the TrumaBend V85 press brake, you can rely on Speciallaser Tech. Inc. for accurate and consistent bending of your specialty parts. We would be glad to meet with you to discuss your product manufacturing needs.

Let your design ideas take shape at Speciallaser Tech. Inc.